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Technology and Materials

Fuji. Simply Better.

Good design can be complicated. But better design is often quite simple. Our design philosophy at Fuji embodies the concept of constant improvement and innovation while, at the same time, keeping a hold on the tried-and-true engineering that’s proven itself over the years.

We have a four-point focus to our product development starting with SAFETY. All of our frames are extensively tested to meet and exceed the highest worldwide safety standards, including CPSC and DIN, before we put them on the market. That’s how we do our little part in reducing your stress level. We know the roads and trails along life’s journey are filled with enough obstacles, you can feel confident that when you put a leg over a Fuji bike, all you have to think about is enjoying the ride.

The second focus is PERFORMANCE. We know you have goals. So do we. Our biggest goal? To help you attain yours. Every detail, from the Energy Transfer Chainstay on our high-end race bikes to the aggressive geometry on our XC hard tail mountain bikes is built-in to help you meet your riding goals. Whether you’re after a world championship title or just king of the coffee ride this weekend, you can count on Fuji to help you perform.

Of course, there is optimal FIT. Our bikes are all designed with you in mind. Not the you that is one-size-fits-all, but the you that has particular and very specific needs when it comes to feeling comfortable and therefore getting the most out of a bike. We offer bikes in sizes from kids’ sidewalk cruisers to classically designed road bikes as large as 64cm. We have compact frames as small as 42cm and our hybrids come in eight different sizes. And not only are the frames made to accommodate, we spec the bikes to fit, as well. For example, smaller hands have a shorter reach to the brakes and adjustable stems allow for various lean-over angles.

And finally, there is WEIGHT. Just like Hollywood, we’re a little obsessed with our weight. It’s just natural. And in this case, literally natural. We build our high-end bikes out of carbon and aluminum to keep the weight to an absolute minimum. We want to bring you maximum mechanical characteristics with a minimum of material. If that sounds familiar, it’s because we borrowed that design philosophy from Mother Nature. And while she does it to preserve resources, we just do it to save your legs.

Safety. Performance. Fit. Weight. We could aim to be good. But instead, we aim to be Simply Better.

Our Innovative Materials & Design

C7 & C4 Carbon
The highest level of raw materials and processes available yields the C7 carbon fiber tubing we use in our premium framesets.

The C7 carbon fiber has a density of 1.80 g/cm 3 with a tensile strength of 590 kg/mm 2 which provides the basis for a durable, high-performance frame with an extended fatigue life. The design finish is an eye-catching, 12K basket-weave design offering maximized strength and optimized structural performance at minimal weight. This is our advanced, high-modulus carbon fiber composite that is time-tested, race-proven and has produced one of the best bicycle frames in the world.

This year, in addition to C7, we’re introducing a new carbon fiber—called C4—to our lineup of proprietary materials. C4 is also a high-modulus carbon fiber with properties similar to C7, but with its own unique make-up that allows us to introduce carbon bicycles at a more affordable price point.

Just as you compare carats, clarity and color between diamonds, so too can you apply various characteristics to carbon fiber. C4, with 15,000 strand/layer, a density of 1.8 g/cm 3 and a tensile strength of 500 kg/mm 2 is just another take on this unique frame material that has transformed the bicycle industry.


A6 Aluminum

This revolutionary quaternary phase aluminum alloy contains magnesium, silicon, copper, and other proprietary elements, making it 35% stronger than conventional aluminum used in bicycle frame construction. Plus, a unique heating process allows for thinner wall tubing in the weld zone without sacrificing strength. Frames built from A6 are incredibly durable and lightweight.

Altair 2 & 1 Aluminum

To make Altair 2, we start with the finest grade aluminum with an excellent strength to weight ratio. Once it is drawn, it is double-butted and shaped to our custom specifications to create ultra-lightweight, resilient frames. Altair 1 begins its life as high-grade aluminum. This straight-gauge tubing is drawn, shaped, and tapered to our custom specifications to create durable resilient frames.

Elios 2 Chrome-Molybdenum

To make our Elios 2 tubing, we begin with certified 4130 Chrome-Molydenum. It is drawn and butted which creates a lighter weight tube that still retains the strength of plain-gauge cromoly. This traditional bike material helps make for a smooth, forgiving ride.