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When we´d had enough of consumers raving about the patented FSR suspension, we licensed the SPECIALIZED design and built it into our dual suspension frame. Now we´re one of only a few bike companies licensed to use it.

Just in case you´re not familiar whith four bar linkage, this system was co-developed by Horst Leitner and the SPECIALIZED engineers to be fully active and fully active and fully independent at all times. The FSR system has no drive train induced shock compression, and because the shock is an integral part of the frame, ours is one of the most efficient and simple FSR designs on the market.

The all mountain bikes (thrill series) are designed for adventure freeriding. The thrill series offers the the full-suspension, four bar linkage system combined whith the patented Horst Link Technology. The Altair 2 aluminium frame is light weight and durable, perfect for an all-day ride.

The full-suspension XC series bikes are race redy, lightweight, and fully loaded. The A6 and Altair 2 aluminium XC race frames and Altair 1 aluminium sport frames feature PowerDiamond downtubes and aggressive geometry for traction and control. Race frames have four-bar linkage systems whith 80-110 mm of travel. Sport frames have cushy sealed bearing pivot suspension.

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