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Cycling is a sport for the little guy or gal in all of us. In fact , we see adult bikes as just bigger versions of kids bikes, not the other way around. That why we pay the same attention to the details in our kids models as we do in our entire line.

Our kids frames are built for people (small people) who have goals and dreams and big plans for every day, just like anyone else. These bikes are tough constructed because we know that often times little people go after those dreams with big vigor and big determination, sometimes even a complete lack of big fear. Thats why these size-proportional bikes meet the same safety standard as all of our bikes. So if your kid is out there riding down rocky trails or maneuvring through pot-holed city streets, you can relax knowing that his bike is just as solid as your own.

Dynamite 1.0
Dynamite DX
Dynamite 2.0
Dynamite 2.0 Girl
Sandblaster Girl