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After several years in the carbon fiber bike lab, we were almost ready to roll out our first-ever Fuji carbon monocoque frame. We just needed those final bits of testing and feedback before we put it into full production. So, in the middle of 2004 racing season, we gave a handfull of the newly designed Fuji Team Issues to one of our top racing teams, Team Nurnberger, and asked them to give them a try. We were confident they´d do well, we believed in the bike and believed in the riders. But one rider, German Judith Arndt, not only put the bike through everyday riggers of hard-core European racing, she went to the top testing ground in the world - the 2004 World Championships - and won!

We like to think that the first-ever production Fuji carbon fiber road bike is a born champion. Not a bad track record if we do say so ourselves.

Each racing frame is (team) designed from C7 or C4 carbon tubing whith custom weave carbon stands for lightweight comfort and sprint ready stiffness. Our 2-sleeve, interlocked aluminium bottom bracket is bonded to the carbon frame, enhancing durability, and the double wall reinforced head tube is laterally stiff for added strength to the steer tube without adding excess weight. The Fuji specific Energy Transfer Chainstay - our unique asymetrical tubing design - offers stiffness and lateral rigidity in the rear triangle.

Lean mean racing machines, the performance line (Roubaix) includes some of the lightest bikes availible on the market today. Performance frames are made from the highest grade A6 quaternary alloy and Altair 2 aluminium whith Power DIamond downtubes, integrated headtubes, and carbon forks.

The compact geometry of our sport models (Newest) makes for a bike that is comfortable, easy to fit and easy to maneuvre. Altough made in sizes up to 58 cm.

We considered the points on contact on our traditional design to create these award winning womens specific bikes (Finest). The womens bikes have ergonomically shaped womens saddles, shorter reach shifter design, plus we shaved off a half pond from the frame weight by reshaping the downtube. Designed for racing and long rides, these frames are made from the finest grade, lightweight A6 quaternary alloy and Altair 2 aluminium custom butted tubing.

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